Posted by: gracelydia51 | September 15, 2014

Taking a Screen Shot in XP and Windows 7

The feature of taking a screen shot in Windows XP is quite helpful. By taking a screen shot, you can capture an image on screen and save it for different purposes. For example, if you are looking at a web page and you want to show it to someone else, you can do so by taking screen shot. In this way, you will not need to send link of website. Today we will discuss how to take screen shot and save it.

Click the window which you want to take screen shot of. Now press ALT+PRINT SCREEN. You will find the PRINT SCREEN key on the upper right side of your keyboard. If you wish to take screen shot of entire desktop, you will just press PRINT SCREEN key.

Click “Start” button and from “Programs”, go to “Accessories” and then choose “Paint”.

After the “Paint” window opens, click “Edit” and then click “Paste”.

When you see your desired image in “Paint”, click on “File” and scroll down so that you can choose “Save As”.

“Save As” dialog box will be appeared in front of you. When it happens, type name for screen shot in “File name” box.

Now click on “Save”.

After this process, that particular picture will be just like any other picture saved on your computer. You can either print it or send it as email. Screen shot in Windows XP can be taken at any time except before logging onto computer and when a video is being played in MS Windows Media Player.

Posted by: gracelydia51 | September 15, 2014

How to Rotate Text in Cells?

Rotating text in cells is a feature of MS Excel. Text can be rotated in any direction or to a specific angle in MS Excel. This is called orientation of text. Orientation of text is horizontal by default. If you also want to rotate text in cells, you will need to follow the given steps:

  • First of all, you will select cell or range of cells which contain the data which you want to rotate.
  • From the Format menu, select Cells command. Or you can also press Ctrl + 1 for this purpose.
  • Format Cells dialog box will appear on your computer screen.
  • In the dialog box, click Alignment tab.
  • In orientation section, specify the angle in Degrees spin box.
  • Click Ok button.

That was quite simple. Isn’t it? You can easily change orientation of text in cells by following the above mentioned simple steps.

Posted by: abbascom | October 6, 2012

Adding Sound File in MS Word Document

Almost all of us use MS Word in our daily work on computer to perform different tasks. Some of us are very expert for it and other may not be very skilled to use MS Word for all of its features. Like MS Word 2007, all versions of MS Word also offer to add audio sounds in the text documents. These sounds and audio files are very helpful to explain the points where written text is unable to explain.

You can add sound files to make your text document speak by following these simple steps:

  1. When you are in the document, put the cursor where you want to place the audio file.
  2. Choose Insert tab from menu.
  3. In Text section, click Object button.
  4. It opens the Object window. Select Create from File tab.
  5. Brows your desired sound file by clicking the Brows button.
  6. Click Ok button.

Sound file appears in your Word document with an icon of Speaker. You can edit or change this file anytime.

Posted by: gracelydia51 | September 9, 2012

How to Delete Rows and Columns from Table?

It is very easy to remove rows and columns from a table. You can use a number of ways to do this. Two most common ways are given below.

Deleting a Row or Column by Table Menu

Follow the given steps to delete a row or column by table menu:

  • Place insertion point in row or column which you want to delete.
  • After clicking on Table menu, select “Delete”. You will see a submenu of Delete being displayed in front of you.
  • To delete selected row or column from the table, select Columns or Rows or Cells command.

 Deleting a Row or Column by Popup Menu

Follow these steps for deleting rows and columns by popup menu:

  • Firstly, select columns which you want to delete.
  • Right click the mouse. A popup menu will be displayed.
  • Now select Delete Columns command. Selected columns will be removed.

You can also follow given steps to delete rows and columns by popup menu:

  • Place insertion point on a row or column which you want to delete.
  • Right click the mouse. A popup menu will be displayed.
  • Now select “Delete Cells” command.
  • “Delete Cells” dialog box will be appeared.
  • To delete a row, select “Delete entire row” from dialog box. To delete a column, select “Delete entire column”.
  • Click “Ok” button.
Posted by: gracelydia51 | August 28, 2012

Changing the Blinking Cursor in Vista

You can customize the appearance and behavior of your cursor in Windows Vista easily. It is quite easy adjust the speed of cursor blink. To change blinking cursor in Windows Vista, follow the given steps:

  • After clicking Windows “Start” button, select “Control Panel” option.
  • In the left hand panel, enable “Classic View” in case it is not already enabled.
  • Now choose “Mouse” icon. In order to configure blinking speed and behavior, select “Pointer Options”.
  • To correct the balance between “Slow” and “Fast” options, move the slider bar.
  • Check the box in “Snap To” section in order to configure the cursor to snap to the first button in dialog box.
  • Now check the box labeled “Display Pointer Trails” to show a trailing image while cursor is moving.
  • If you desire, select “Hide Point When Typing”.
  • If you further wish, check the “Show Location of the Pointer When I Press the CTRL Key” option.
  • To save cursor settings, click “Ok” button. Configuration dialog box will disappear by doing so. Now close “Control Panel” window.

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