Posted by: abbascom | January 25, 2010

Windows 7 Setup to Watch Internet TV

Are you tired of cable bills for TV?

Your computer running with Windows 7 can serve you like TV now.

You can enjoy your favorite TV shows on your computer online and record it to see it again and again. You can search any program of your choice quickly through the available search option which needs subscription.  It is possible and a few steps far:

  1. You need a high-speed internet connection with Windows 7.
  2. Click on the Start menu button and go for All Programs and Windows Media Center.
  3. Choose Internet TV when you scroll down this window.
  4. Next screen will ask you to confirm the installation. Check the box to agree with terms and click on Install button.
  5. Automatic installation wizard starts which completes the installation in few moments.

Now you are able to brows any available program of your choice. You can brows any program either by channel or terms. Windows 7 made it easier to access both computer and TV features simultaneously.


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