Posted by: abbascom | February 18, 2010

FireFox Shortkeys to Make Browsing Faster

Shortkeys are of significant important for everything you do on computer and whatever is the application. Shortkeys help you perform the desired action without removing hands from your keyboard and holding the mouse. Also it speeds up your performance. Here you can find some shortkeys of Mozilla FireFox that you may not know before. Using these shortkeys you can get more command over your web browsing. Some of these keys are common to all applications and others are specific to FireFox.

Ctrl + A to select text of full webpage

Ctrl + B to open the Bookmarks in sidebar

Ctrl + C to copy the selected text

Ctrl + D to bookmark currently opened webpage

Ctrl + F to find specific text within current page

Ctrl + G to find more text within the same webpage

Ctrl + H to open the web History in sidebar

Ctrl + I again to open the Bookmark list in sidebar

Ctrl + J to open the Downloads box

Ctrl + K to automatically place the cursor into Web Search text bar to type

Ctrl + L to place the cursor into address bar/URL of the current webpage

Ctrl + M to open the New Mail Message page if you are in the mail program

Ctrl + N to open the New window for FireFox

Ctrl + O to open files from the local drives of your computer

Ctrl + P to take a Print of current webpage

Ctrl + R to reload/refresh the current page

Ctrl + S to save the current page on local drive of computer

Ctrl + T to open a New Tab for FireFox

Ctrl + U to view the source code page of current webpage

Ctrl + V to paste the selected text

Ctrl + W to close the current webpage

Ctrl + X to cut the selected text

Ctrl + Z to undo the last performed action

F1 to open FireFox Help

F3 to find more text within current webpage

F5 to reload/refresh the current webpage

F6 to place the cursor into address bar/URL of the current webpage

F7 to turn Caret Browsing On/Off that enables the cursor to move on webpage like in MS Words and you can select webpage text using keyboard.

F11 to switch the webpage to Full Screen mode


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