Posted by: abbascom | March 12, 2010

Mouse Shortcuts

To make more ease and comfort for your work on computer, you should adopt the habit of using shortcuts. It does not only save your time and efforts but also enhance your computer skills. You can find some of the general mouse shortcuts on your computer:

  • Left Click, Hold and Drag – It selects the text or object for some action. Release the click to stop selection.
  • Double Click – If you double click on a word or somewhere on the application/program, it selects complete word.
  • Triple Click – If you triple click with left button of mouse somewhere in the program, it selects complete text line or paragraph.
  • Mouse Wheel Click on a program – It changes the cursor into a circle with two arrows on it. It enables you to move in any direction on the page/screen without moving scroll wheel. It detects your mouse movement and follows direction.
  • Mouse Wheel Click on a Tab – If you click with mouse wheel on a tab, it closes the tab instantly.
  • Scroll Down + Ctrl – If you press and hold the Ctrl key and scroll down the wheel of mouse, it will zoom out the size of text and view of an application with respect to the scroll movement.
  • Scroll Up + Ctrl – Holding Ctrl key and scrolling the mouse wheel up performs to zoom in the view of and application, i.e. Microsoft Office, webpage etc.
  • Scroll Down + Shift – It enables you to go back on a webpage or application up to one level.
  • Scroll Up + Shift – This shortcut will help you to go forward up to one level in a webpage or program.

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