Posted by: abbascom | March 17, 2010

What is Latest in FireFox Versions?

Mozilla launched their latest version of FireFox in the start of 2010. Now the latest update for Mozilla is FireFox 3.6 beta 5 version. People who are still continuing with the old version should update their FireFox web browser with the latest update of 3.6 beta 5.

Latest version of FireFox supports some older features but also offers a lot of new features that it never had before. New 3.6 beta 5 version has more security and comfort in browsing web. It is downloaded from internet for free and holds over 100 fixes to older version issues of FireFox. Mozilla initially offered a trail version to its users to check the compatibility and functionality of their new version, then they made it available to all users as regular software. It is reported that FireFox users are more satisfied and enjoying more quality web browsing using the FireFox 3.6 beta 5 version.

The version came with thousands of Add-ons upgraded in it and a feature of private browsing that does not save any web history. Mozilla has received good feedbacks for this version. You can also get it online and be sure to make setting by checking the boxes for the options you want.


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