Posted by: abbascom | March 20, 2010

Yahoo Chat Achieves

Keeping chat achieves is very useful. Yahoo offers many ways to save the chat achieves. You can utilize these archives of conversations with your business client, friends and others. Though you can save Yahoo chats using Archives option of Preferences, but you can only preview those archives while online with Yahoo id.

There are some tricks using which you can save Yahoo archives accessible while offline. You can reach and read your Yahoo chat archives without logging in to your account right at your hard drive. There can be two ways for this:

Method 1:

Download the software Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder and that makes you sure to access the logs. Using this software you can access your Yahoo chat archives right at your desktop.

Method 2:

You need to download an indexing plug-in. go to the page and download YIM Achieve Plug-In. this software enables you to be authorized to see all your Yahoo chat achieves when you are not online with Yahoo.


There can be a security risk if your have a publically shared computer. Any user can go and see your chat achieves. You must be careful to prevent the unauthorized access to your personal data.


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