Posted by: abbascom | April 6, 2010

General Cleaning of Computer

To keep your computer, its components and its peripherals in good working condition, proper care and cleaning is needed. Even if the computer is placed on neat and clean place, yet it can become too dirty from its inner most components. Have an idea how much inner case of computer can get dirty:

How often you need to clean your computer thoroughly depends on the environment where your computer is being operated. However general cleaning of your computer is necessary on frequent basis. Here are some useful tips for general cleaning of any component of your computer:

  • Never use any liquid to spray any part of your computer while cleaning. If spray is needed then spray on a cloth and clean your computer.
  • Never forget to unplug or power off your computer before cleaning session.
  • Don’t disturb plugs or jumpers while cleaning the computer case inside to avoid troubleshooting when you will turn on your computer again.
  • You can use vacuum cleaner to clean the computer components but don’t use home vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Special portable battery vacuum cleaners are available in the market to clean computers.
  • Follow the instructions of manufacturer for cleaning of your computer. You can learn cleaning needs of different parts of computer from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Don’t let any computer component become wet from inside.
  • Try to limit smoking near the computer and avoid eating near the computer components.
  • Try to use water or highly diluted chemicals for cleaning purposes.
  • While cleaning fan of computer, hold the fan in a way to stop it from spinning.
  • While cleaning the back of your computer, unplug all wires for safe cleaning.

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