Posted by: abbascom | April 7, 2010

Tools Needed for Computer Cleaning

Many products are available in the market to improve the process of computer cleaning. However some household items can also be used for cleaning your computer and its peripherals. Some components of computer need to be cleaned with special tools. Information on these tools will be mentioned in separate cleaning tips for each component of computer. Here is a list of all items that are needed in the computer cleaning process:

Rough Cloth

Cloth is the best and most necessary tool used for computer cleaning. Paper towels can also be used in this regard. Use of soft cloth for cleaning of computer is recommended by all. Make use of cloth to clean the outer components of computer like computer case, monitor, drive, mouse etc. Never use a cloth to clean any circuitry part of computer like mother board, RAM etc.

Alcohol or Water

Water is also needed in cleaning of computer. You are advised to clean the outer parts of computer with wet cloth but not inner parts. You can also use alcohol for this purpose. Avoid using other detergents for cleaning as they can harm your computer.


You also need swab for computer cleaning. You need:

  • Cotton Swab
  • Foam Swabs

Cotton swabs can be used to clean all hard to reach parts of your computer like keyboard, mouse and other inner locations etc. Foam swabs are recommended as line free swabs for best cleaning.

Portable Vacuum

Vacuum cleaner is also an important tool that is needed to clean the computer parts thoroughly. Avoid using home cleaning vacuum cleaners as they are heavy. Many companies have introduced products for proper suction of dust, dirt and debris, hair, cigarette particles and other particles that hinder the air in and outflow from computer. Using a standard vacuum cleaner can damage your computer.


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