Posted by: abbascom | April 8, 2010

LCD and Monitor Cleaning Tips

Lot of dirt, dust and finger prints make the computer screen difficult to read. Some stains on screen hide important content or icon. Proper care and cleaning of LCDs and monitors is needed to prevent this problem. LCDs are not made of glass like other computer monitors therefore their cleaning needs special procedure. Read the procedure given below:

Never do direct spray of any liquid on your LCD and press gently while cleaning and avoid using paper towel as it can cause scratches to your screen. Take a non-rugged microfiber cloth or a duster. Sometimes screen becomes so dirty that dry cloth doesn’t clean it properly then you can use some alcohol for cleaning purpose. Wipe the screen with damp cloth.

Different methods can be used for glass monitor screen. You can use ordinary household glass cleaner. Unplug the monitor before cleaning purpose. Use a lint free cloth to avoid the leakage of cleaning liquid into the electric components of monitor.

Follow the special cleaning and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer of the LCD or monitor to prevent poor consequences.


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