Posted by: abbascom | April 14, 2010

Headphones Cleaning

Headphones are used by multiple people instead of complete sound system. Headphones also need to be cleaned on frequent basis. It is also necessary for proper working of headphones as well as preventing spreading of germs and head lice. Here you are provided with procedure to clean headphones:

If you are using headphones made of plastic or vinyl then clean it by moistening a cloth with warm water. Clean the head and ear pieces of headphone with moistened cloth. If you are cleaning headphones of any school or other institutional lab then avoid using any disinfectant or cleaning solvent because some users may have allergic problems therefore you need to be more conscious.

Headphones with cushions also provide the availability to change the cushions. Replacement of these cushions is also helpful in keeping the headphones clean. Make a restriction on the students to use their own headphones to prevent spreading of germs and head lice.


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