Posted by: abbascom | April 15, 2010

Keyboard Cleaning

If you are using standard keyboard then follow the cleaning tips given below but don’t use all these tips for laptop keyboard cleaning:

Computer keyboard is germ infected item that spreads diseases also. It provides best place for bacteria to flourish and proper cleaning is needed to remove bacteria as well as proper functioning of keyboard. Follow the procedure for thorough cleaning of your keyboard.

Start cleaning keyboard by shutting down the computer and unplug the wires of keyboard. Avoid shaking your keyboard upside and downside for cleaning but follow proper cleaning method. Use of compressed air is very useful. You need to pass pressurized air through all keys to blow away all dirt and debris. Vacuum cleaner is better to use in this regard. For more extensive and thorough cleaning, you have to remove keys of your keyboard. After removing all dirt and debris from keys, rub all keys with disinfectant cloth. Never spray any liquid directly on the keyboard.

If you see any substances split into the keyboard, you need to take special steps to prevent your computer from destroying. If you make a mistake to split Pepsi, coke or any other liquid, unplug the keyboard at once. Flip the keyboard to prevent penetrating the liquid into circuit. Leave the keyboard upside for one night and clean the keyboard next morning.


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