Posted by: abbascom | April 16, 2010

Apply System & Window Password

You can adopt different security measures to maintain privacy of your data. Here you will learn to apply password to system and to window respectively.

System Password Procedure

To apply system password follow this procedure. Go in the system setup. When you start your computer, you will see option of system setup. Follow the instructions and enter the setup e.g; in case of Dell computer, you will be asked to press F2 to enter setup.

In the setup, go to System Security option and press Enter. Here you will see password option  with disables sign. Press Enter and then type your password two times and save settings. Restart your system and this time you will be asked to enter password.

Window Password

Another security measurement is to apply window password. You will need to enter password after starting of windows. You should apply both these passwords for more security. To activate this security measurement follow the procedure given below:

From start option, go in settings and enter in Control Panel. You will see different options in this panel. Serach the user account option. By clicking it you will see computer admonistrator option click it. Then create your password that you want and apply it. Restart your system.


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