Posted by: abbascom | April 21, 2010

Proper Use of Printer

Many people use printers but very few use printers properly. Rough use of printer can affect the functioning of printer as well as wastage of ink. Here are some useful tips for all printer users to use their printers properly:

  • First of all make it sure that your printer head is in proper position.
  • You need to shake out the cartridge before getting the printouts. It is better to get best results to shake the cartridge. It depends on the your printing needs that how long you can use your cartridge but it is assumed that it can be refilled three to four times.
  • Take print view of your document before you get your document printed. By having a preview, you can make an idea how your document will look after printing. This way you can make all changes that you want.
  • You are advised to use 300 of less DPI for regular printout. It is beneficial to save the cartridge.
  • Select black and white printer to save cartridge.
  • Different models of printers are available in the market. All the printers work on the base of same mechanism. Make it sure that your printer is hooked up properly before using the printer.
  • Open the page you want to print and have a print preview.
  • Go up to the file and print setup. If you have installed the right printer and make the paper setting reading for the printing, go to the “File” and then “Print”.
  • If you are using old printer then you need to check ink before use. Many printers now give indications to reinstall ink cartridge.

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