Posted by: abbascom | April 30, 2010

How to Create Password Protection on USB Drive?

Confidentiality is the most important issue in any business. Many people use USBs to carry their personal and secret files with them in USBs. It can create troubles if they fail to protect their USB. Any person who gets the USB can misuse important business documents just by plugging USB in their computer. It is a crucial issue to protect important files from unauthorized access. Here is a best solution to protect your data from unauthorized use that is to create a password-protected partition in USB drive.

Rohos Mini Drive is free software that is available online and provides free solution to get rid of this anxiety of misuse of your data. It can create password-protected partition in the USB drive. It makes impossible for others to access your important files. After installing this software you need to do following to create password-protected partition in USB drive:

  • Insert your USB into your computer and run Mini application.
  • Click the “Setup USB Key” to start creating password-protected partition.
  • Provide strong password to access your files and click the “Create Disk” button.
  • After sometime your protected partition will be created. Now all your important files are out of the range of unauthorized people and can only be accessed by entering in the password.
  • Now you can copy your important files into the partition.
  • It is not necessary to install Roho Mini Drive software on your computer to access your files as you can access your files from any computer.
  • Whenever you will insert USB in any computer, you will be asked to give password to access files.
  • Always click the “Disconnect Drive Letter” every time before you eject the USB from computer. It will prevent any type of data loss.

To install Rohos Mini Drive Software click the provided Link.


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