Posted by: abbascom | May 26, 2010

How to Access Restricted Sites?

Blocking and restriction of some undesirable sites have been in common policy with some countries over the internet. You can access the sites that are set restricted on your server or internet. For instance, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that greater censorship against the sites about sex, religion, politics, health, women, pop culture etc. china has blocked the sites on sex or democracy. Moreover, some social networking and entertainment sites also face to be restricted often.

Here you can find some tricks to access the restricted websites at your location.

1. Using IP Address

Type an IP address of that site instead of URL in your web browser’s address bar. You can probably access the desired website successfully in case if the blocking software does not track the IP address on the web server, otherwise not.

2. Using Online Translation Tools

Use web proxy translation services such as Google Translate Language Tool or Yahoo Babelfish tool. In this method, you can use translation service as web proxy.

3. Using Cashe Copy

You can access the cashed copy of the blocked site on Google cashe service. Make a search of that site on Google and it will provide you a cashed link below the search result.

4. By Anonymous Surfing

You can access restricted or banned sites by using free proxy server. Proxy server is taken as a normal computer that keeps the computer identity secret on the internet. In this way you can brown internet anonymously and go through the banned sites.

5. Using Anonymizer Websites

Using annonymizer websites, you can directly see the web that is restricted on your network or server. Through this way, you can not directly brows the website, but only see the copy of restricted page on the annonymizer website.

Though the proxy computers are mostly handled by system administrators and they only deal it most of the time, you may find it difficult to brows web through proxy. Browsing through proxies is a tough job, so using anonymizer websites is a better idea.


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