Posted by: abbascom | May 28, 2010

Customizing TeamViewer Setting to Prevent Unwanted Remote Access

TeamViewer is a brilliant team-work tool that is used to access PC of a friend or working team living at any corner of the world. This software tool assists you to access and share the files and documents across different PCs. You can either give full or customized access to the team sharing your PC desktop. You can monitor, restrict and cooperate for the tasks going on at your desktop with your partner. Its setup takes 2.6 MB space on your hard disk.

You can easily prevent unwanted control over your PC when you are working with remote assistance or allow someone use your desktop remotely. You can make changing in settings of access control of TeamViewer so quickly when you feel at risk of unwanted access to your PC. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch TeamViewer and navigate through Extract > Options.
  2. Go to TeamViewer Option Window > Security tab.
  3. Find Access Control under the section Rules for connection to this computer. Choose Custom Settings from dropdown menu.
  4. Configure button will appear right below the Custom Settings option displaying the Access Control Detail Window.
  5. Here you can choose and set your access settings to a remote access user, such as:   View screen, Remote control, File transfer,  VPN connection, Partner can disable local input, Partner can control local TeamViewer
  6. Click OK button to apply settings.

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