Posted by: abbascom | June 4, 2010

Guide to Facebook Friends List

Many people use Facebook as a platform for friendships. Here is a guide for people new to this friendship platform/social networking website. Here you will understand proper use of friends list on Facebook. Very few people take advantage of list of friends but this feature is very useful. It is used to separate various social or affiliation friendship groups from each other. For instance work contacts, friends contacts, family contacts and contact details of close friends can be saved in different categories on Facebook.

Basic purpose of Facebook friend’s list is to group different contacts and set custom profiles. Facebook friend list can be viewed from two different places that are home page and friend page. By default Facebook applies network to all contacts as friends. If you want you can create your own lists. It is good to make use of friends list on Facebook.

New homepage of Facebook allows users to efficiently manage their contacts. By the new homepage of Facebook it is very easy to find out the friends who have changed or updated their profiles. All profile changes can be viewed directly from homepage without going to friends pages. Friend’s page can be now viewed from seven views that include:

  • Friend Recommendation
  • Search
  • Browse by network
  • Browse in alphabetical order
  • Phonebook
  • Recent friends
  • Friends list filters.

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