Posted by: tascomiz | June 22, 2010

Keyboard Short Keys for Google Talk

A shortkey is a combination of keys on keyboard used to perform the task within specific software. Shortkeys mean the shorter way to perform a task quickly using keyboard. Short keys for different software are different. Some commonly used shortkeys include Ctrl+C/ and Ctrl+V for copy and paste respectively. Here are some useful shortkeys for Google Talk to save time.

F9 ——Open Gmail to send an email to current contacts

F11 —— To initiate a call with the selected contact

F12 ——To cancel call

Esc —— To close current window

Alt+F4 —— To close current window

Ctrl+F4 —— To close current window with same effect as with Alt+F4

Alt + Esc ——- To minimize Google Talk windows one by one

Esc + Windows —— Open Google Talk that is minimized

Tab ——To move on next Google Talk window

Shift + Tab —— Reverse to Tab to move on previous Google Talk window

Ctrl + Shift + L ——To switch between points, numbers, letters, capital letters, roman numbers and capital roman numbers

Ctrl + E —— To centralize the text selected or current line

Ctrl + R —– To justify the right selected text or current line

Ctrl + L ——To justify the left side text or current line

Ctrl + 1 from Keypad —– To give simple space between lines

Ctrl + 2 from Keypad —— For double space between lines

Ctrl + 5 from Keypad —— For 1.5 spaces between the lines

Ctrl + 1 from NumPad —— To go at the end of the last line

Ctrl + 7 from NumPad —— To go at the start of the last line


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