Posted by: tascomiz | June 26, 2010

IE Keyboard Shortcuts for Viewing and Exploring Web Pages

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can perform tasks more quickly and easily. Here are some Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts for viewing and exploring web pages:

F1 – For displaying Internet Explorer help

F11 – For toggling between full screen and regular screen view of the browser window

TAB – To move forward through the items on a Webpage, Address bar and Link bar

SHIFT + Tab – To move back through the items on the Webpage, Address bar or Link bar. This is against the previous shortcut

ALT + HOME – Go to home page

ALT + Right Arrow – To move to next page

ALT + Left Arrow or Back Space – To move to previous page

Shift + F10 – To display shortcut menu for a link

CTRL + TAB or F6 – To move forward between frames

Shift + CTRL + TAB – To move back between frames

UP Arrow – To scroll toward the beginning of document

Down Arrow – To scroll toward the end of the document

Page Down – To scroll toward end of the document in larger increments

Home – Move to the beginning of the document

End – To move to the end of the document

CTRL + F5 – To refresh current webpage

ESC – To stop downloading the page

CTRL + N – To open a new window

CTRL + W – To close the current window

CTRL + S – To save the current page

CTRL + P – To print the current page or any active frame

ENTER – To activate selected link

CTRL + E – To open search option in Explorer bar

CTRL + I – To open favorites in Explorer bar

CTRL + H – To open History in Explorer bar


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