Posted by: tascomiz | June 28, 2010

Shortcuts in Acrobat Reader

Using keyboard shortcuts for effective tasks in any software is very common. Different keyboard shortcuts are used for different software. Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts for Acrobat Reader:

F1 – To give help to any windows panel

F3 – To find next search results

F5 – To select document list panel

F6 – To open or close document list panel

F8 – To view or close main tools list bar

F9 – To view or close main menu bar

F10 – To select the main menu bar

Ctrl + F4 – To close current file

Ctrl + F6 – To move through next open document

Ctrl + Shift + F6 – To move back to open document

Shift + F3 – To find previous results

Shift + F6 – To select the previous open page

Shift + F8 – To select main tool bar list

Shift + F10 – To open context menu

Up Arrow – To Scroll up the active document

Down Arrow – To scroll down the active page

Ctrl + # (Hyphen) – To zoom out the active page

Ctrl + = (Equal Sign) – To zoom in the active page

Alt + Left Arrow – To next view

Alt + Left Arrow – To previous view

Right Arrow – To move to next page in active document

Left Arrow – To move to previous page in active document

Page Up – To move to previous screen

Page Down – To move to next screen

Ctrl + Shift + W – To close all opened windows

Ctrl + Home – To go to home page of the document

Ctrl + End – Go to last page of the document

Ctrl + A – To select all pages

Ctrl + Shift + A – To deselect all pages

Enter – To scroll down the pages

Ctrl + 0 – To adjust the document

Ctrl + 1 – To view actual document size

Ctrl + Q – To quit the active document

Ctrl + L – To view document in full view

Ctrl + Shift++ – To move the page clockwise

Ctrl + Shift+- – To move the page counter clockwise


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