Posted by: tascomiz | June 30, 2010

Protect Your MS Office Document with Password

Secrecy is important element for many professionals. You can protect your MS Office document by applying password to prevent it from being misused by unauthorized person. You have two options to apply password in MS office document; one to open the document and second to modify the document. By applying first password, every person who will try to open document will be asked to enter correct password. By applying second password you can open document but you cannot modify the document and your document becomes read-only.

Apply the Password

To apply password to your document, follow the tips given below:

  • Open Save As dialog and select “Save As” option from file menu.

  • You will see “Tools” button at the bottom of the Save As menu box and Click “Tools” option and go to “General Options” from menu as shown in figure below.

  • Here you will be given to apply passwords either to open the document or to modify the document.

  • You will be asked to enter password after applying for confirmation of password in “Confirm Password” dialog.

  • Maximum length of password is 15 characters.
  • In the last click “Save” button of “Save As” dialog box.

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