Posted by: tascomiz | July 1, 2010

Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts Keys in MS Word

Here are some useful tips that will help you in creating your own keyboard shortcuts keys in MS Word. Using these tips, you can select any combination of keys to perform any particular task. With these shortcut keys, you can enhance speed of your work. You can create your keyboard shortcuts for any command. Follow steps given below to create your own keyboard shortcuts keys in MS Word:

  • Go to Start Button and go in Program.
  • Click MS Word to run new page.
  • Click Office Button and select Word Options

  • Click on Customize option.

  • Now you will see box appeared on screen with title of Customize the Quick Access Toolbar and Keyboard Shortcuts and look for Keyboard Shortcuts at the bottom of the opened dialog.

  • Click Keyboard Shortcuts Button and now you will see another box of Customize Keyboard. There will be a list of categories of all commands on left side of the box.

  • Select the command category for which you want to create your favorite Keyboard Shortcut Key.
  • Now look to right side of the dialog box to select command to assign combination of keyboard shortkeys.
  • Now click Keys you want to create shortcuts.

  • After you have finalized your favorite combination of shortkeys, click the Assign Button to final the shortcuts and close it.

After following steps mentioned above, Word will work according to the command you have assigned for that shortcut.


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