Posted by: tascomiz | July 2, 2010

Translate Text to Other Languages in MS Word 2007

In the present era when world has become global village, you may need to communicate with people of adverse cultures and languages. People speak different languages on internet to communicate in global business market. Similarly while communicating through documents, you may need to deliver same information in different languages to different people. It is difficult to translate business document from one language to others. If you are a student, you may need to translate historical information of other country in language that you can understand to learn about history.

Usually people hire professional translators but it is not possible for everyone to have access to a professional translator. To facilitate all people in this regard, MS World 2007 has fulfilled this requirement. Other than lots of programs in MS Word it is now possible to translate document from one language to other. To translate your document to any language, you just need to use its built-in feature.

To translate your document to other language, follow the series of steps given below:

  • Select the text you want to translate. You can select part of the text or whole text in the document for translation.

  • Click on Review Button on menu bar.

  • Look for Translate Option in Review Tab and click Translate Option.

  • You will see a task pan appeared on right side of the document. Select Language to which you want to translate your document. You will be given an option to select To Language from Language.

  • This way selected or highlighted text will be translated. Translated text will appear in the lower part of the task pane.

  • You can also translate same text into different languages by selecting the language option “To”.
  • You may need to select the text into language that is not included in given list then Click on Translate Options and select particular language you want.

Using MS Word 2007 you can translate a document into any language. Though translation done by this computer program may not be as meaningful as done by a professional human translator but can communicate the message.


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