Posted by: tascomiz | July 5, 2010

Create Multi-level Bulleted or Numbered List in Word 2007

Usually people know to create one-level bulleted list in Word 2007. You can choose different styles of Bullets or Numbers to make a list. Sometimes you may need to give sub-categories in the document. With Word 2007, you can turn existing one level bulleted into multi-level list. Follow the series of steps given below to change one-level bulleted list to multi-level bulleted list:

  • Click the item or text you want to shift to sub-level from existing one.
  • Go to paragraph group on the Home Tab and click the arrow next to anyone of the bullets or numbering styles.

  • Click on change list level and click the option you want.

You can also apply a gallery style to an existing multilevel list in Word 2007 by following the tips given below:

  • Click any item in the list.
  • Go in the paragraph group on Home Tab. Click the arrow next to multi-level list where you will be provided with different options.

  • Click on multi-level list you want.

The multi-level list that you made can be shifted from right side to left side. To shift it, you just need to click the bullet or number of the list and drag it to the position to which you want to shift it. Complete list will be moved at the same time without changing the numbering level.


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