Posted by: tascomiz | July 17, 2010

Prevent Hacking While Chatting on Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger is one of the most popular and featured online chat all over the world. It has plenty of options and buddies that attract people to use it again and again. But there are too many risks within Yahoo messenger while chatting in crowd as many people have lost their accounts due to hacking. Spamming feature of Yahoo messenger has controlled this problem to much extent bit still this problem is there while chatting on yahoo messenger. Here is a complete guide to prevent hacking while chatting on Yahoo messenger:

Avoid P2P File Sharing Through Yahoo Messenger

Avid receiving file from your friend unless you clearly know what your friend is sharing. All Yahoo messenger users are advised to avoid downloading any Zip file exe as hackers will install trozans on your computer and you will not be aware of its installation. Don’t click on website that you listened from a stranger.

Don’t Click on Spammy Links

Very often it happens that you are chatting with your friends and suddenly you see a PM box flashing on your screen that has a spammy look. These websites have lots of spyware that are silently installed. Never download any unauthenticated toolbar.

Make Quick Use of Ignore Option

Yahoo messenger is featured with option to Ignore or Spam option so that unknown users may not disturb you. You should use this ignore option quickly to ban or spam unwanted inviters. This will help you to prevent hackers from reaching you.

Use Newer Versions of Yahoo Messenger

Avoid staying with old versions after introduction on newer versions. If you use old versions, you are helping the hackers. Every next version of Yahoo or other software not only comes with more features but also introduce more security options. Newer version of Yahoo messenger is safer from hackers than yahoo messenger 7.

Don’t Download Yahoo Plug-in from Unauthorized Source

Avoid downloading Yahoo Plug-in from other sites as Yahoo Plug-ins from unauthorized sites send your account details to other parties.

Be Sure to Delete Your Profile after Using Public Computer

Many users ignore this action and don’t delete their profile from yahoo messenger after chatting from a public computer. There is a by default option in yahoo messenger to save messages when you are signed in on any system. People with good hacking skills can access these messages and know your private conversation.

After using a public computer for chatting, go in the Yahoo messenger main box, then preferences and then in archive. Change it to No to prevent auto saving of your messages. Don’t forget to delete your profile after you sign out.

Use Good Antivirus and Anti Spyware Software

By using good antivirus and anti spyware software you can save your account from being hacked. Best used software warns the users regarding the dangers of virus of hackers.

Yahoo messenger is a best place to meet new buddies and keep in touch with old ones. Follow the above mentioned tips to be safe and secure from viruses and hackers.


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