Posted by: tascomiz | July 19, 2010

Shortcut Keys for Windows 7

Knowing shortcut keys for different types of software is very helpful for fast and effective work. Here is a list of keyboard shortcut keys for Windows 7:

Win + Home – To clear all active windows

Win + Space – To make all windows transparent to see on the desktop

Win + Up Arrow – To minimize the active window

Win + Down Arrow – To minimize the window or restore the window if it is maximized

Win + Left/Right Arrows – To dock the window to each side of the monitor

Shift + Win + Left/Right Arrows –To move the window to the monitor on left or right side

Win + Numbers (1-9) – To start the application pinned to taskbar in that position or switches to that program

Shift + Win + Number (1-9) – To start a new instance of application pinned to the taskbar in that position

Ctrl + Win + Numbers (1-9) – To cycle through open windows for application pinned to taskbar in that position

Alt + Win + Numbers (1-9) – To open the jump list for application pinned to the taskbar

Win + T – To focus and scroll through items on Taskbar

Win + B – To focus the system tray icons

Ctrl + Shift + N – To create a new folder in Windows Explorer

Alt + Up – To go up a folder level in Widows Explorer

Alt + P –To toggle the preview pane in Windows Explorer

Shift + Right Click on any File – To add extra hidden item to send to Menu

Shift + Right Click on a Folder – To add command prompt here

Win + P – To adjust presentation settings for display

Win + (+/-) – To zoom in and out

Win + G – To cycle between gadgets on screen



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