Posted by: tascomiz | July 20, 2010

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

If you are updated your operating system and installed Windows 7 then this is the right post or you to enjoy all features of Windows 7. Here are best Windows 7 tips and hacks that will provide you a quick start to use Windows 7 effectively:

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

To perform different operations without using the mouse you need to know keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 that are given in previous post. To visit this post click the link Shortcut Keys for Windows 7. Here you will get list of suitable keyboard shortcut keys with their functions.

Rearrange the System Tray Icons

You have an option to rearrange the icons on system tray of Windows 7. You can make new settings or reorder the icons for your ease to use them.

Access Jump Lists with Left Mouse Button

Usually to jump the lists you need to right click on a task bar icon but you can access them by using left mouse click and dragging it upward. If you are using windows 7 on laptop then you don’t need to press any button.

Add any Folder to Your Favorites

It is very easy for you to add any library or folder to your favorites that you want using Windows 7 on your system. Navigate the folder in Explorer that you want to add in favorites and right click on Favorites in the left navigate pane. Then select add current location to favorites. This way you will get quick access to your favorites in a file [Save As] dialog.

Pin Frequently Used Folders to the Taskbar

You can pin the frequently used folder to the taskbar by right click, drag and pinning it in Windows Explorer on taskbar. This way they will be shown in the Jump list and you will be given quick access to your favorite folder when you will right click on the Explorer.

Pin Control Panel to the Taskbar

You can also pin the control panel to the task bar. You can do it by the Start Menu or by dragging it and dropping it to the taskbar. Open the Control Panel and right click on its taskbar option to pin it on the taskbar.

Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

Like other software, you can make your own customized keyboard shortcuts for windows 7 that will be easy for you to operate. You can create keyboard shortcuts for any program. To create shortcuts, right click the program icon and go in properties, select the shortcut tab, click in the shortcut keys and set the keyboard shortcuts for the selected program.

Open Command Prompt in any Folder

To enjoy this feature, press Shift while right clicking on the folder to get the option in the context menu. It will also work on the desktop.

View Expanded “Send to” Menu

Press Shift while right clicking on the folder to view the expanded Send To menu.

Add Videos to the Start Menu

You will not see video option in the start menu of Windows 7 by default but you can add videos option to the start menu. To do this right click on the Start, go in Properties and click on customize icon. From the videos section at the bottom and choose display as a link.


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