Posted by: tascomiz | July 21, 2010

Tips & Tricks to Make Most of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most important and busiest web browsers. Here is a set of tips and tricks to exploit handy features of Google Chrome:

1. Manage the Tabs with Task Manager

It is one of the best features of multi-process nature of Google Chrome that allows each tab to run separate from each other. This feature makes it possible for you to close, manage and reload each tab without affecting the rest of your browsing tasks. This all can be done by using the Task Manager. Press Shift and Escape to go in the Task Manager or you can also go to it by doing right click on the blue top bar. You can shut down the unresponsive tab without bringing down the browser by only a simple press of END process button.

2. Stats for Nerds

Task Manager of Google Chrome lets you examine the memory use of browsers opened on your system. To know this open the Task Manager and go to the option “Stats for Nerds” link that will be at the bottom. New tab will be opened with detailed information regarding the memory for all running browsers. Its second page will contain information about the Chrome’s Process usage stats.

3. Stats on Resources Page

Resources pages in Google Chrome have tons of information for professional users and administrators. To track the resources used by a web page, right click inside the page and select the option of Inspect the Element, go to the resources tab and reload the web page. This way you can view the detailed list of images, scripts, objects on the webpage and you can sort them by size or by loading time.

4. To Resize any Text Box

If you feel that size of text in any text box is not suitable for your thoughts then you can adjust it. Place your mouse on the bottom right edge and drag it to increase the size.

5. Split Chrome into Double Pane View

Dual view feature of Google Chrome is very useful. It serves best when you want to compare two websites at a time in single view. Drag the Chrome Split Browser bookmarklet into the bookmarks toolbar. When you will click the bookmarkelt, you will be asked to select two websites that you want to compare and these websites will be shown in double pane.

6. Start With Multiple Pages

When you open the Google Chrome, it opens with most visited area. You can also set the options to start by opening your most favorite sites in several tabs at the same time. For this feature, click on the Wrench Icon (Customize and Control Chrome) on the top right corner and under the list of options, you can add the pages you want to open on startup.


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