Posted by: tascomiz | July 27, 2010

Tips to Write Urdu on Windows XP & MS Office without Inpage Urdu Software

Inpage Urdu software has been proprietor for decades and no other software was used to write Urdu. One big flaw with Urdu Inpage Software was its inability to communicate with other text processors like MS Word and it failed to produce text usable in HTML for internet. Users need to export text into image format and then publish dead text in image that is not searchable using any search engine and causes problems in downloading due to heavy size of image text pages.

Unicode Urdu is the solution to all such problems. Here is a set of instructions that will allow you to enable Urdu language support in Windows XP.


  • Go to control panel

  • Go in the Date, Time Language and Regional Options and select the Regional and Language Option.

  • In classic view of control panel, directly double click the Regional and Language Option.

  • You will see a new window opened as shown in figure.

  • Select Language option in this new window and you will see two check boxes in this option.

  • Enable the first check box of install files from complex script and right to left languages [including Thi] and apply.

  • Another message will appear on screen, click ok to continue.

  • Now you will be asked to insert your windows CD at this stage. Insert your CD and Click Ok.

  • It will copy language files from CD to your PC.

  • On completion of this copying process, you will see a message to restart your windows. Click on No to this message and continue the further steps.


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