Posted by: tascomiz | July 29, 2010

Installing the Urdu Phonetic Keyboard in XP

After completion of all steps mentioned above, your Urdu language support will be enabled. Now you will be able to write Urdu. Usually people use Phonetic Keyboard input style while using Inpage Urdu software but windows default Urdu keyboard is not phonetic. This mapping of keys is controlled by a keyboard layout and fortunately you can change this layout. You can create your own keyboard layout by using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator Tool that can be downloaded fro Microsoft Site free of cost.

  • Go to control panel

  • Go in the Date, Time Language and Regional Options and select the Regional and Language Option.

  • In classic view of control panel, directly double click the Regional and Language Option.

  • You will see a new window opened as shown in figure.

  • Select the Language option and click on the Details Button.

  • Now you will see another window opened that will show all installed languages. Upper part of this window shows the default input languages while lower portion of this window has a button to add new languages. To add new language click on the Button Add.
  • New window will appear as shown in the figure.
  • Click drop down menu of the language and select Urdu from the list.
  • You also have the option to select keyboard layout.
  • You can also choose the keyboard at any time from the dialog box given below.

To test the Newly Enabled Urdu Language

  • After completion of steps mentioned above, small language icon will appear on the task bar with default language letters and it will show that your system have some more languages.
  • To check your Urdu language, click on the language icon and look for Urdu language. Checkmark the language you want to work with and language will be switched.
  • To confirm working of language, open a notepad document and write some words after changing its font size. You will see text appearing in Urdu.


  1. Thanks a lot guys it really was a great help keep it up i really apriciate it and this thin is really helpfulll to others i mean the guys don no it an they hav to install an extra softwares like inpage.
    well thanx guys thanx a lot take care an be well

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