Posted by: tascomiz | July 31, 2010

MSN Messenger Tricks

Send Continuous Nudge

Have you ever experienced it that your friend keeps on sending you continuous nudges and it becomes difficult for you to do anything on your messenger and you want to try the same trick back to him? Usually you are informed that you cannot send nudges so frequently. You need to install Nudges Tools Script to enjoy this trick. After installing this script, you can also send continuous nudges to your friend. If you want to annoy your friend by sending often nudges then try this trick:

Type (sendnudge 1000 100) without these braces and press Enter. You sent 1000 nudges to your friend at a time. You will see that your chat window will also vibrate while and you may feel disturbed when you send 1000 nudges to your friend. To stop this vibration, go to tools, options, messages and uncheck the option (Allow me to Send and Receive Nudges). Now you can send nudges to your friend without vibration on your chat window.

Find Out If Somebody has Blocked You on MSN

It is one of the most frequently asked questions that how can I know who have blocked me on MSN. Here is a manual way to check if someone has blocked you on MSN:

  • Register on a new MSN account with different nick name so that your friend cannot recognize you.
  • Sign in to both your MSN accounts old and new account that is fake account. You can Sign in to two MSN accounts simultaneously by installing MP!L.
  • Now add the contact you want to check if that have blocked you. Is he/she appears online and accepts your request and add you in her accounts then he/she has blocked you.

For Cool Effects on MSN Display Name

This trick will help you to change your display name easily. You need to install script Name Editor for this purpose. Go to script button and choose Name Editor then Edit Name. Name Editor Window will be appeared on screen and here you can fill in some cool effects to your display name. This way you can make your name stand out all names in your friend’s contacts lists.

To Check Gmail with MSN Messenger

Basically you can only get an alert in your MSN messenger that you received an email in Hotmail account. You need to install Gmail Checker script. With this script installed on your system, you will receive alerts of mail received on Gmail account.

Get Keyboard Alerts When You Receive Messages

This script feature will alert your keyboard’s LED when there is an incoming message. You need to install Key Flasher Script for this feature. You also have an option to select which LED to flash Num Lock, Caps Lock or Scroll Lock. You can also select speed of the flashes and number of flashes etc.

Translate the Text in Chat Window

You can enjoy this feature just by installing Good Translator Script on your MSN Messenger. With this script installed, you can translate text in your chat window into other languages by pressing F5.

There are many other tricks that can enhance features of MSN Messenger. You try the above mentioned tricks. It is hopped that you will get useful information from this post.


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