Posted by: tascomiz | August 3, 2010

Tips to Partition a Hard Drive Using Windows XP

Here are some useful tips to partition a hard drive using Windows XP:

Step 1:

Use Windows Setup CD ROM to partition a new and blank hard drive. It will list out options to partition your hard drive during installation.

If you want to erase your existing data or you want to partition your existing hard drive then you may need a partitioning utility such as Acronis Disk Director. This utility allows you to change the size and type of formatting without erasing your existing data.

Step 2:

If you are going to partition a hard drive with existing data on it then make it sure to run Disk Defragmenter program. It prepared hard drive for partitioning.

Step 3:

Plan out your partitions in this step for instance plan to make two or three partitions. Should they be in NTFS or FAT32 format? Think of size of each partition.

Step 4:

4th step in partitioning a hard drive using Windows XP is to run the partitioning software. Make sure to check the sources and target positions and partition size before confirming it.

Step 5:

Last step is to reboot the system. After rebooting your system, you are now free to transfer data from one partition to another. You are free to specify new locations for different applications.


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