Posted by: tascomiz | August 13, 2010

IE7 Web Browser Tips

Here are useful tips for beginner and expert net users for IE7 web browser:

1. Switch to Full Screen for Better Web Page Viewing

This feature works with hiding the menu bar, toolbars and address bar at the top of your screen and other status bar and task bar at the bottom of your screen. This tip is best to make better use of small screen by hiding extra items temporarily. To use this option Press F11 Key to full screen view off and on.

2. Hide and Show Toolbars You Prefer

This tip will allow you to hide and show navigation controls at the top of your screen for personal preference.

To use this feature, right click any tool button or menu command at the top of screen. You will see a shortcut menu appeared. Simply left click on what you want to hide or show.

3. Customize Your Tool Buttons to be Large or Small, with or without Text

This tip is also for personal preferences for experienced users. You can hide explanation of buttons who that you already understand.

To use this option, right click on any button or menu command at the top of screen. Choose Customize option in the shortcut menu and try small icons and no text labels or explanations.

4. Choose Default Font Size for Reading

You can control 75% of the font sizes you see on the web pages. You can set font size for easy reading. This tip is useful for people with weak eyesight or small monitor screens. To use this option, click on the View Menu then Text Size and choose the larger or smaller font size until you can easily read the web page. This command will not affect the pages with stylish formats and animated or flash graphics. It is useful on the web pages that use regular HTML Body Text.

5. To Customize IE Explorer Bar on the Side of Screen to Show Favorite Search Tools

This tip is best for personal preference technique for navigating and searching. To use this option, display the explorer bar by clicking View Menu then Explorer Bar and Search. After the bar is displayed at the side of screen, click on Customize and choose your favorite Search Tool to display in the Bar. Use X Button to Close the Explorer Bar.


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