Posted by: tascomiz | August 19, 2010

Ways to Prevent Computer Hacking

Security threats have been increased to an alarming level for information systems. Here are some special tips to prevent computer hacking and safeguard personal information.

Implement a Firewall

Firewall is a best barrier that keeps hackers and viruses out of computers. Firewalls intercept network traffic and allow authorized data to pass through.

Develop a Corporate Security Policy

Establish a corporate security policy for security of network. Employees should be directed to choose unique passwords that are hard to be hacked. They should choose passwords containing upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and change passwords every 90 days to ensure security. If someone leaves company, username and password should be deleted immediately. Corporate Policy should also include consequences for unauthorized entry.

Installation of Anti-Virus Software

Install latest versions of Anti-Virus Software on all computers. Server system should be configured to push virus updates periodically to all client systems. Employees should be trained to deal with virus dangers and not to open emails from unknown senders.

Keep Operating Systems Up to Date

Upgrade operating systems on frequent basis and install latest patches of versions of software. You can install free versions available on web.

Avoid Running Unnecessary Network Services

Disable any non-essential feature while installing systems. A system installed but not used and updated can enhance security threats.


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