Posted by: tascomiz | August 23, 2010

Know if Someone is Invisible or Offline on Google Talk

People activate this feature on Google Talk for many reasons like when they are busy or want nobody to disturb them. Sometimes they use this feature when they want to have talk with few contacts and want to stay hidden. If you want to know online status of your friend when he becomes online with invisible features activated then follow the tricks shared in this post. There are two ways to check if someone is online and have activated invisible feature of Google Talk:

First Way:

  • First you need to have GPRS enabled handset.
  • Download and install free software that is known as gotalkmobile in your handset.
  • Long on to your GTalk account.
  • This will show you a list of all online friends and offline contacts will not be shown in GTalk List.

Second Way:

  • Set the chat as off the record with target user. This feature can be used when the targeted friend is online.
  • Try to send chat to the user when he is invisible or offline.
  • He will receive your chat if he is online but invisible.
  • If your friend is offline, then you will receive a message of error showing the message “Username” did not receive your chat.

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