Posted by: tascomiz | August 25, 2010

Prevention of Hacking into Your Blog

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging. Hacking attacks are very usual while blogging on any platform. Here are some useful tips that should be followed to prevent hacking.

Keep Up to Date

If a new version of blogging software is released with new features and extra security releases as well. So you are advised to update your blog to the new version of the software.

Protect Your Machine

Keep your computer up to date by keeping the virus protection up to date and firewall running. Don’t use unsecured wifi networks and internet cafes.

Maintain Your Username

People using wordpress who know how to go to log on screen? Many themes are linked to it and the default user ID is admin. That is why it is very easy for the hackers to run a script against your blog that starts trying different passwords.

For prevention of this risk, sign in as admin, create another user name with an admin role and log out. Now log in with new username and delete your standard admin account. While deleting your standard admin account, make it sure to move all your posts to your new name. Now it will be difficult to guess username and password for hackers.

Create an Author Username

If you are posting from a third party wifi networks and computer then you should make another username and give it author access. Use this author username when you are away and you think that networks are not secured. In this situation if someone gets your login details, he can only edit your new post and submit a new one. Earlier post and admin of your blog is secured. You have an option to move your post to your main username after coming back to your own safer network and system.

Change Your Nickname

Your nickname that is shown on each post is a biggest clue for hackers that you have not deleted the admin account and all posts are from admin. To prevent hackers from guessing your new username, go to profiles and give your username a different nickname.

Never Use Obvious Passwords

Make it sure to make your password strong and hide your original username. Your password should be a combination of both upper case and lower case letters as well as numbers to make it complicated and hard to guess.

Don’t display Versions

Footer of your theme should not show your version of wordpress that you are using. Don’t tell to the hackers if you are late to update your blog to new version of wordpress or other blogging platform.

Spam Protect Your Blog

You should install Akimest plugin that will work for you and use it regularly.

Use a Backup

Try to search plugins and use it regularly that will work for you if you are hacked then you will have backups of few versions of your blogs and you will be able to recover your posts and settings.

It is hopped that these tips will surely work for your benefits.


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