Posted by: tascomiz | August 27, 2010

MS Publisher Tips and Tricks

Group Your Objects

Grouping objects in publisher together will be helpful in positioning and laying out a set of objects that you want to have together. Select all by clicking them while holding Shft Key pressed for grouping objects together. Click on the Group Objects button that will appear on foot of selection. You can also take objects apart by selecting it and clicking on Ungroup Objects button.

Quickly Copy Formatting Within a Page

Use the right mouse button by pressing it and dragging the object or text that has formatting you want to copy onto the object or text you want to replace by new one. Release right mouse button and click Apple Formatting here.

Make Alignment a Snap

You can align objects in publisher without hassling over your mouse. Click on Arrange then Rules guides and choose either Add Horizontal Ruler Guide or Add Vertical Ruler Guide. If you want to remove guide then hold Shft key pressed and drag the guide to the position you want. Now click on tools and then Snaps to Guides. Now the object you dragged near the guide will snap to the grid and will be aligned automatically.

Maintain an Object’s Center

If you want to maintain center of your object even you change size of object, click the object and press Ctrl Key while resizing the object and release mouse button before releasing Ctrl Key.

Check for Missing Text

Missing text problem occurs usually when you resize text box after inserting text or due to addition of a new object due to which text box is pushed. Click on Tools and then Design Checker for launching design checker to check missing text.

Nudge Your Objects

You can use nudge command t move image in MS Publisher without using mouse. Select object and click on Arrange then Nudge Objects. Now enter the length and direction to which you want to move your image. You can move image up to 2 inches or centimeters, points or picas. You can also move image in pixels. For this select the object and press arrow key keeping the Alt key pressed to move the object in specified direction one pixel at a time.

Convert Text Headings into Graphics

You can create fancy font using MS publisher while creating web pages. You can create fancy fonts of title and mastheads. You can also convert them in graphics that will be shown either people have installed software for fancy fonts or not. Type the text you want to convert into graphic. Create picture frame that completely covers text you have written. Click on Send to Back button to put text in front of frame and then group the frame and text together to convert text into graphic.


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