Posted by: tascomiz | September 1, 2010

Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for windows vista which are used to speedup different tasks:

Opening Programs:

Windows Key + E To open Windows Explorer
Windows Key + F To open search
Windows Key + U To open the ease of Access Center
Windows Key + R To open the run window
Windows Key + (1-9) To run 9th program on your quick launch bar
Windows Key + Pause To open system properties
Ctrl + Shft + Esc To open windows task manager

Managing Windows:

Alt + F4 To close the opened window
Alt + Tab To Switch to previous active window
Windows Key + Tab To flip 3D
Ctrl + Windows Key + Tab Persistent Flip 3D
Alt + Esc To cycle through all opened windows
Windows Key + T To cycle through taskbar applications
Windows Key + M0 To minimize all open windows
Windows Key + Shft + M To undo all window minimization
Windows Key + D To toggle desktop focus
Windows Key + B To shift focus to system tray
Windows Key + Space To shift focus to Sidebar


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