Posted by: blueangel | September 20, 2010

Is My Computer Hacked?

Are you noticing something odd about your computer? There are chances that your computer has been hacked. Read this article to know about symptoms to know if your system has been hacked into.

Symptoms of Hacking:

There are thousands of things that can be done by hacking a computer such as changing wallpapers, changing language options, trashing computer’s operating system, copying private files or gathering accounts passwords etc. How you can check if your computer has been hacked?

You need to do some detective work with your computer on your behalf. Look for these symptoms in your computer:

  • Slow network activity, unusual network traffic or disconnection from network.
  • System alarm tool signal from detection tool.
  • Suspicious entries in system or network accounting.
  • New user accounts from unknown origins.
  • New files of unknown origin and functions.
  • Unexplained changes such as file sizes, check sums, date/time stamps.
  • Unexplained modification of data
  • Poor system performance as you see your system is extensively slows than normal and less responsive than your expectation.
  • Unauthorized operation of a program or addition of a sniffer application to hack usernames and passwords.
  • Check system logs using Event Viewer. This can be done by doing right click on My Computer and select Manage > Computer Management > Event Viewer and Security. Now you can see log in information to see which users have logged on to your computer and what time. Click on each event for more information.
  • Investigate for extra and unknown user accounts. This can be checked from Computer Management. Here you can delete any bogus or hacker accounts.

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