Posted by: blueangel | September 30, 2010

Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Today I am going to share very interesting tips that will help you to increase your laptop’s battery life. Most of manufacturers give guarantee that how long it will work. Usually batteries of laptops stop working after very short time especially when you use to watch DVD movies.

Follow these steps to increase your laptop’s battery life:

Screen of laptops take significant amount of power. You should check your system and decrease brightness of your screen to a comfortable point.

Stop wireless signals when you are not using them. After you turn of your laptop, it will save maximum 20 minutes of its battery life as WiFi can use considerable amount of power. Right click your mouse and stop its WiFi signals when you are not using it.

You should manage correct power scheme in Windows XP in your laptop to extend its battery life. You will find number of predetermined power plans in windows XP that control settings of your laptop. For instance how quickly it will shut down and when your screen saver will boot in. You can change your laptop’s power scheme by going into Control Panel then Power Options. For maximum battery life, choose the option of “Max. Battery” and decline the list. “Low Power Mode” is also good choice. Select any power scheme and click OK button to finish the process.


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