Posted by: blueangel | October 7, 2010

Secure Wireless Network from Hackers

You may need to secure your wireless network to prevent people from using services of your network who don’t have permission to use them. It is quiet difficult to save wireless network from hackers because wireless network can be accessed anywhere within the range of its antenna. If you want to save your network from hackers, you need to take proper steps to save yourself against security issues. You should follow this set of instructions to secure your wireless network from hackers.

Strategic Placement of Antenna

First thing you need to do is to think for strategic placement of antenna that would restrict the range of its signals within the required area. You should not place antenna close to window because glass can’t obstruct its signals. Place it in central location of building.


It will be good to use WEP that stands for Wireless Encryption Protocol. It is best customary technique that is used for encrypting traffic on a wireless network. Never make a mistake to skip it as it will allow the hackers to get access to traffic over a wireless network.

Change SSID and Disable Broadcast of SSID

SSID is the service set identifier. It is the recognition thread used by wireless access point that makes the customers capable of starting connections. Select unique SSID for every wireless access point arranged and hold back the broadcast of the SSID out over the antenna. It will not appear in the list of offered network and will provide services as well.

Disable DHCP

With this, hackers have to decode the TCP/IP parameters, subnet mask as well as IP address in order to hack your wireless network.

Modify SNMP Settings

You need to change private as well as public community settings of SNMP. You can also disable it. If you don’t then hackers will easily utilize SNMP to get information about your wireless network and hack.

Utilize Access List

To ensure additional security of your wireless network and if your access point support this feature, you should employ an access list. This access list will define which machinery is permitted to attach to the access point.


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