Posted by: blueangel | October 18, 2010

Schedule a Weekly Defragmentation

Do you feel that your computer has got slow since you bought it? Do you know why it is so? One of the biggest factors that slow down your computer’s performance is fragmentation; it is a situation that occurs over a time in which files on hard drive are divided into small pieces. Computer must read a file to open, save or close it so when it reads each part of any fragmented file parts separately, its working becomes slow.

Defragmenting a hard drive is a process that puts all separated parts of a file back together. MS Windows XP offers a tool that defragments a hard drive to keep a system performing well. It will be good to defragment your hard drive automatically every week. Here is a set of instructions to schedule weekly defragmentation:

1. Click on Start button and go in Control Panel.

2. Click the option of Performance and Maintenance.

3. Click on Scheduled Tasks icon.

4. Now you will be in Scheduled Task window, double click on Add Scheduled Task.

5. Click on Next in Scheduled Task Wizard.

6. Now click on Browse.

7. Type %systemroot%\System32\defrag.exe, and click on Open button in File Name Box.

8. Under Perform this Task, click on Weekly then next.

9. Set the time and day of the week you want to defragment your hard drive. It will be good to choose a time when you will be using your system. Now click on Next.

10. Now you will be asked to type your password in two boxes. Enter password and click on Next.

11. Now select the open advanced properties for this task when I click finish check box, and click on Finish.

12. In the Run Box, add C: to the existing command. Don’t forget to add space before adding “C” then, click Ok.

13. In the set account information dialog box, type your password in both boxes then click ok.

Now windows XP will defragment your hard drive at the time you have scheduled. You will see a black window opened during the process of defragmentation. You can ignore this window to continue your work. This window will disappear automatically after completion of this process.



  1. The problem with scheduled tasks is that if the pc is not powered on it can get missed. On the Vista and Windows 7 defragger, if the defrag does run later, its not possible to make out how much is complete as there is no GUI. It would have helped if it had a real automatic mode like the commercial defraggers.

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