Posted by: blueangel | October 25, 2010

Print Envelops and Labels in Word

MS Word provides best way to print envelops and labels. You can print your mailing and return address on envelop or your address on mailing label. Follow these tips to print envelops and labels in Word:

Print an Envelop:

  • You can choose envelops and labels from the options in MS Word. Go in Tools menu, Envelops and Labels dialog box will appear.
  • Click on the Envelop tab to get options of Envelops.
  • Enter the mailing address by editing the sample address in the delivery box address.
  • Enter the return address in another box given for return mailing address. You can check the omit check box to ignore the return address box.
  • Click Options button to specify the envelop size, type of paper and other options. Now click on “Add to the Document” button to add or attach the envelop to current document for later editing and printing.
  • See print preview and click on the Print button to take print outs.

Add Graphics to Return Address of Your Envelop:

  • Select the mailing address in the document.
  • Go in envelops and Label dialog box.
  • Click Add to Document button.
  • Now click on page layout view icon given in Status Bar.
  • Insert or create graphic in document.
  • Position the item on the envelop and take printouts.

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