Posted by: blueangel | November 4, 2010

How to Add Picture into Header/Footer in Excel

Header and Footers can be used to display repeated images in MS Excel on top or bottom of each page. You can add picture in bottom or top of page. Both header and footer are displayed in print preview and will save your time to enter same data or picture in all pages. You can use same header and footer throughout a document and can also change header and footer for any part of document.

You can leave header and footer for first page and can also use different headers and footers on odd or even pages or on some parts of a document. Follow these tips to apply pictures in header and footer in MS Excel:

  • Go in Header & Footer in View menu. You will “Header and Footer” Floating toolbar. Header and footer sections of document will also be activated.
  • Click on Custom Footer button in the Header/Footer tab and select the left section.
  • Click on Picture icon to insert picture in Header/Footer that is the second icon from Left Side to select company logo or other picture.
  • You can also select other options if you want to add date, time, file name and file path etc.
  • Click on Ok button to finish the process.

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