Posted by: blueangel | November 8, 2010

How to Select Text Vertically in Word 2007

Everybody who writes his documents in MS Word knows how to select text in horizontal direction to delete, underline, bold, italicize etc. Many times you need to make changes in vertical form and want to select text vertically but most of you can’t. For instance, you may need to delete few words at the beginning of each line then you may feel irritated in moving from one line to another but it is very easy to select text vertically. Read the tips shared below to select text in MS Word 2007 vertically:

  • Point the mouse to the beginning of the text you want to select
  • Keep pressing the Alt Key
  • Drag the Mouse Pointer downward around the required area and keep hold on Alt Key
  • This way you will select the required text vertically.

  • Once you select the text vertically you can delete the text, replace the text, bold, underline, italicize, cut or copy it.

  • This feature is very useful while working in lists.

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