Posted by: blueangel | November 11, 2010

Hotmail Secret Tips

Here is a collection of great hotmail secrets that are usually not in knowledge of most of you. These tips will make you use your hotmail account with more efficiency. You don’t need to memorize these tips at once but using these features repeated times you will master all these tips:

File Hotmail Email Fasting Tips:

You can file an email inside the folder, select it and click on Move To menu and choose the destination folder where you want to keep an email. You can use this feature if you want to file multiple emails at once. You can drag the mail to the destination folder by press on mouse button and release it reaching in the destination folder.

Quickly Find and Email

Follow this tip to save your time for scrolling through emails t find the right one. Click in the search box that is present at the top right corner and type one or more keywords that are in your mind and press Enter. Hotmail will provide you with scanned emails that will match your keywords and it will be easy for you to choose the right one.

Quickly Group the Emails in Hotmail from Same Person

You can use two tricks to find an email; first is to go in the option of “Sort BY” and the other is to choose “From”. This way you will temporarily get emails sent by same sender. Once you have done this click once more on the Sort By menu and select Date to get the recent mails on the top.

Move Emails to Folders Automatically

You can configure your hotmail to automatically sort your emails and transfer them into defined destination and hence you will keep your inbox uncluttered. You need to use email filter for this purpose.


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