Posted by: blueangel | November 25, 2010

Tips to Add Horizontal Lines in Word 2007 Quickly

You can add horizontal lines in MS Word 2007 document quickly without using ribbon on the opt of the page. You can add full line by using keyboard shortcuts quickly to save your time. You can add lines of different designs without using mouse. Follow the tips given below to add horizontal lines in MS Word document:

  • Type three dashes (—) and press Enter on keyboard to add simple straight line in your word document.

  • Type three underscores (___) and press Enter to add another design on line given below:

  • To add the style of line given below, you just need to type three asterisks (***) and press Enter:

  • Type three equal signs (===) then press Enter to add a line of new design:

  • Type three pound signs (###) and press Enter for a line of this style:

  • Type three tildes (~~~) and Press Enter for this style of horizontal line:


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