Posted by: blueangel | December 2, 2010

Create One-Click Re-Start Icon on your Desktop

Today’s tutorial will help you to enjoy quicker restart of your system with a single click on your desktop names as Re-start Icon. Single click on this icon will close all running programs and start restarting after proper predefined time. This tip is very useful to save power and time also. When you will click on this icon, a small window will appear to start continue time of system restart.

Follow the given series of step to create restart icon:

Do a right click on an empty area of your desktop and go in the New then Shortcut option. You will see a small window appeared with the title “Create Windows”. Type following command in this window:

SHUTDOWN -r -t 30

Here t-30 means time in seconds. It means if you want your computer to restart after 30-seconds then the command will be SHUTDOWN -r -t 30 but if you want to restart your system without any countdown the command will be types as SHUTDOWN -r -t 00. Type this command and click on next.

Now type a name for shortcut and press Finish to close it.

The command given up will start 30 second countdown that gives you an option to abort it by typing a new command in Run that is Shutdown –a.

After you let the restarting process, a windows dialog will appear with the information “This system is shutting down. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved changes will be lost. This should be initiated by administrator”.


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