Posted by: blueangel | December 9, 2010

How to Record a Narration in PowerPoint 2007?

If you want to create a presentation that your audience will view later on instead of sitting in your front and hear you on microphone, you can record a narration in PowerPoint 2007. You need to have a sound card in your computer and microphone to do this. Follow these tips to record a narration in your PowerPoint 2007 presentation:

  • Open new presentation in which you want to insert recorded narration.
  • Select the first slide and click on Insert tab.
  • Now click on sound arrow in Media Clips group.
  • Select and click on Record Sound from the submenu.
  • You will see a Record Sound Dialog Box appeared. Type the name you want to give to your recording.
  • Now click on the Record button.
  • Record your narration for first slide.
  • When you finish discussion for first slide, click on the Stop button.
  • You can listen your recording by clicking on the Play button. If you are not satisfied with your narration, click on the Cancel button and start again.
  • Click on Ok button when you are satisfied with your narration.
  • Repeat same process with rest of slides of your presentation.

You can check your presentation and narrations by viewing your presentation as slide show. You will hear the recorded narration with each slide. A sound icon appears on the slide. If you want to change narration of a specific slide, just delete the sound object and record your narration again.


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