Posted by: blueangel | December 20, 2010

Tips to Fix Vista Malware

Malware or malicious software is a computer program designed to run in computer without knowledge or consent of user. The intention of this malware software is to damage or disrupt computer system or secretly acquire personal information. Malicious programs include spyware, adware, tracking cookies, keyloggers, Trojan horses, worms and viruses. Malware can infect computers with any type of operating system, including Windows Vista. You should have knowledge for protection of your computer system against malware. Here are some useful tips to fix malware problems in infected Window Vista.

  • Open your preferred browser and visit websites that allow you to download free or paid versions of anti-malware software.
  • Open website and view its interface. Read information for complete knowledge about features of anti-malware program. You can initiate download process and follow onscreen prompts to install software by clicking download button.
  • After installation click on anti-malware icon on your desktop to open program. You can also click on “Start” on your desktop, click on “All Programs” in the pop-up menu and click on anti-malware program name. View program interface and click on “Help” to open help files to view instructions on how to effectively maximize utility of your new anti-malware software.
  • Look over program interface and click on “Scan” to start an immediate scan of your computer system to detect any malware infection. Majority of anti-malware programs will automatically quarantine or delete malware program and fix your computer. You will wait for scan to finish and view resulting window displaying a summary of scan. This summary also shows the name of any malware found in computer system.



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